Introducing jSelfie! Selfie Cosmetic Quick-kits for the Selfie Conscious woman!

As thanks to some of our participants for inspiring our custom Selfie Cosmetic Collections, we've arranged for the first run of each set to be sent to her. These mini kits give you the must have tools to make your selfie pop! 

jSelfies! Selfie Cosmetic Kits, Custom for 2017

Dental Assistant and graduate of Niagara College, Adrieanne is an active supporter of Bell "Let's Talk" as well as other groups that stand for awareness and understanding. Adrieanne displays a great combination of understanding, awareness and sense of humor in her daily life, one of the reasons we chose her for the winning selfie. 
29.95 CAD
29.95 CAD
I admire that it was very important to Sharnelle that we are not tested on animals. Sharnelle's unique and so very cool features are an artists dream, so it's nice to hear she likes to wear makup to make herself feel good. Like so many of us, Sharnelle also mentions the fabulous option of covering up the imperfections a new day can throw at us!
Navneet captured my heart with the time and soul she applies her work finding homes for rescued paws. An inescapably beautiful woman, Navneet humbles those who have not found the strength. "If beauty is Spirit, makeup is an art" So when i do make up I love to let my inner artist keep my spirit cheerful," - a wonderful comment. 
29.95 CAD
29.95 CAD
Ashley has absolutely no fear of standing out and being herself while she's at it. Fire a gun? Check. Sport a Cigar? Absolutely (and looking got at it I might add). Also among the Endo Warriors, Ashley keeps it real and makes no bones about educating people about this condition. Our admiration for this woman is immeasurable.  
Patty tells us that she views cosmetics as a contribution to an art form; something I have felt strongly in agreement with for a very long time. Given she also has a talent with this art form, Patty loves to work at it with her friends and also her daughter as it "It enhances our beauty as women." A fresh view of make up indeed.
29.95 CAD
29.95 CAD
Vanicia is a fan of fitness and also one of Endometriosis' strong fighters. Health in general is on top of her mind as Vanicia is often first to sign the petitions she stands behind as well as sharing them for awareness. Our favorite post from Vanicia stresses the importance of "One Workout at a time, One Day at a time; One Meal at a time.
I really admire Ashley Romanko for her enduring strength in the face and fight of Endometriosis, an often crippling and relentless condition. Also notable are her clear convictions of "fair and just" in uncertain times. What we've seen to be a fabulous sense of humor shows up front and center in her daily life; that's amazing and encouraging. 
29.95 CAD