The winner of the jSelfie Contest is Adrieanne!

Love Adrieanne's custom Quick Kit Trio? Find it listed separately on our complete Selfie Kit Page along with kits with combinations based exclusively on the participants unique features. 

Bonus: an additional $99.00 in jocool Cosmetics has been added to this winning participant Selfie Kit for a complete ensemble of Canada's most popular new line of Professional Cosmetics! 

Want to order this Selfie Cosmetics Mega Kit? 

Available in light and dark skin tones, this kit is designed to accommodate a wide range of skin tones and facial feature types. We're especially excited about the Universal Blush, we've yet to find a cheek that doesn't kiss the color perfectly!

Adrieanne Quick Kit Trio
- Lips (Stranger)
- Highlighter (Blow Dry)
- Shadow (Mud Bath)
jPrime Luxury Foundation Primer
Lip and Lid Primer
jContour Trio
Corrector 5 Palette 
jBlush, Universal Blush 
Brow Wow
- Brow Shade
- Brow Highlight
- Brow Wax
Concealer Trio 

199.00 CAD
Medium to Dark Tone
Light to Medium Tone