HiDef Balance Colour Correcting Primer

Hi-Def Balance is a color corrector and primer all in one. This light non-greasy formula will improve your skins underlying appearance, allowing foundation to provide a perfect palette for the rest of your makeup. The green hue targets reddish tones specifically, making skin more toned and smoothed at the same time. Your foundation wears smoother and longer.

34.95 CAD

jQuad Pro Corrector Collection

This colour correction palette is a rich cream base providing medium coverage. Colour Correctors use the science of the color wheel to balance imperfections. The four most common colors are here, allowing for an array of instances. Corrects all skin tones and types. Use under foundation right after primer is set.


Green - removes red/rosacea
Mauve - removes yellow/olive
Yellow - removes blue/bruising
Pink - hi-lites and brightens dark skin tone

27.95 CAD

Optical Illusion Corrector Palette 

This five well palette makes use of the quad color spectrum with the addition of a neutral tone that falls between the pink and yellow correctors. The creamy base provides fabulous coverage that will outlast even the most demanding photo-shoot. Use a mixing plate to combine colors in order to achieve the precise look for your skin tone. 

29.95 CAD

jConcealer Trio

Skin tone varies on even the smoothest of skins, and small imperfections also vary in tone. This luxurious cream deep concealer comes in a trio designed to provide coverage to a combination of skin tones. The matte finish full coverage cream base combined with jcool hand chosen tone variations make for precision perfection. Set with powder to increase staying power. 

29.95 CAD