Win over $100.00 in Custom Selected Cosmetics!

2017 is the year of the Selfie and jocool Cosmetics is running with the Selfie Contest Series - for Cosmetics!

Who won the Selfie Contest? The Winner for the first jocool Selfie Contest was Adrieanne! For many other selfies submitted, jocool Cosmetics matched up a lip color, eye color and highlighter chosen JUST for that entrant. Each collection was then placed in a Three Well Palette and named after the entrant. These products now represent our jocool Selfie Cosmetics Line for 2017! 

How the NEXT Selfie Contest will play out
Get ready for a very jocool Cosmetics Selfie Contest next quarter! We'll be looking for specific scenes and more fresh faces as the Year of the Selfie and our fabulous New Selfie Cosmetics Collections.

- Keep it clean and on point.
- It's all about head-shots.
- 1 shot. 1st shot.
- Over 18 only.
- No need to use cosmetics!
- Add a note about you.
- Next Entry date TBA
- Your photo will be used in Social Media and onsite.
* Posts that are clearly not in spirit are removed.

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