jocool Cosmetics Founder and CEO, Patricia "JoCool" Lee

Having grown up in Victoria, Patricia "JoCool" Lee spent 5 years in the BC Legislature as a Political Reporter serving over 40 publications from the Globe and Mail and Beautiful BC Magazine to Forest Planning Canada.

Leaving Journalism for business lead to the successful founding of a chain of Mobile Communications stores that spanned the Island and was sold in 1995.

Moving to Online Business, Jo co-founded one of Canada's first and now largest Certified Internet Registries and Hosting ISPs.

Jo then looked back to her Modeling and Finishing schools of youth. Realizing the industry offers little for niche markets such as fabulously aging skin and the unique pigments of Indigenous and Asian women, Jo pursued this focus in cosmetics.

From LA and Toronto to Hong Kong and Korea, having lived in and traveled interesting cultures, Jo took the opportunity to observe differences presented in skin tones and facial structures offering preparation for a niche in cosmetics.

And with heavy ties to the Film Industry, making it for Professional use was a given. Not only will jocool Cosmetics hold up on the runway and behind the heat of photography lamps, but the film sets have benefited greatly from taking advantage of the quality products. 

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