When to Use a Corrector vs a Concealer

Skin tone perfection is an attractive feature and not at all hard to achieve. Colour Corrector makes use of true optical illusion. By way of colour opposition, the right one can be used for almost any situation. Corrector doesn't cover, it optically changes. On the other hand, concealer is tried and true magic for some of the hardest to hide imperfections of other natures.

So what is best when (and what works better .. where)?

Corrector is best used where when you find a red blemish or have an area newly affected by your cuddly kitten's sharp little claws. Corrector is also a great choice if you need to cover a small bruise or shadowed area. These kinds of areas are where a concealer will no longer match your skin due to the heavy nature of the shadow you're trying to cover. It may be your shade in the bottle but once applied the affected area changes the tone. 

Corrector can be applied with a small to medium pony brush followed by setting with a powder that is a half shade lighter than your natural tone. This will be brought into focus by applying contour later on, leaving the untouched areas with natural highlight. Rosacea is another great example of where corrector is superior for a job. 

Concealer is fabulous for toning back smaller makeup instances. For example, if you've got a little too much brow shade and want to tame it a little - what a great time to sweep a little concealer over and down toward the brow to reign things in. The exact same type of concealer application can bring overzealous liptstick under control without removing or reapplying. And adding some around the outer lip area will also define the lines beautifully so lipstick falls into place. 

Concealer is best applied with a fine tip brush, preferably natural hair. As with Corrector, set with a powder that's a slight bit lighter than your natural skin tone and follow with contour to bring out the exact details you want to show off.

Having both in your cosmetic repertoire is important for those who like to have the finer details looked after with the right products. 

joTIP: On your mixing plate, start with a base of a little moisturizer and then mix in your corrector or concealer. Use this in more sensitive areas around the eyes and lips.