Not feeling bold? Think Gold! (& other neutrals) 

You probably thought neutral cosmetics means beige and more shades of beige. But neutral actauly refers to the spectrum of colors that are not particularly bright or strong. Pink, green, lavender; so many colors have neutral participants.

On a neutral feeling day try using gold tones and pinks to gain depth and definition yet remain fresh and clean in appearance.

Make a note of using products that are designed to increase definition too, primers are an excellent example.

Pay added attention to eyebrows and lips on neutral days! These are the two features of your face that outline and truly define so take advantage of really well chosen neutral tones for the two.

tip: If, like most people, you have one eyebrow a touch higher set than the other - use your neutrals to offset that by applying a little more to the top of one side and the bottom of the other for perfect balance.