The jocool Ambassador and Artist Inventory is a package of over $1,200.00 in products and includes everything the Professional or Commercial Makeup Artist needs to work with (or carry) jocool Cosmetics. Samples for distribution are easy to take from any product and sample pots are supplied (along with matching disposable jocool spatulas, sponges, brushes and applicators). 

Colors are chosen based on the pro artist need to service a broad range of looks and trends. Our unique Universal Blush ensures almost every model is beautifully covered for cheeks too.

Choose from Light, Medium and Dark skin tone collections. A mix of Warm and Cool bases are included in each collection to allow for maximum experimentation and sample distribution. Save more than 35% on this start up inventory collection. 

The Ambassador Artists Inventory (available in a choice of 3 Tones)

1 jQuad correcter
1 Hi Def Primer
1 Hi Def Foundation
1 BB Cream
1 Dual Powder
1 Contour jTrio
1 Universal Blush
1 Icing Sugar
1 jBrow Trio
1 jLash extend mascara
1 Waterproof jLash mascara
3 Eyeshadows Shine
3 Eyeshadows Matte
3 Eyeshadows Pigment
1 Gel Eye Liner
1 Liquid Transformer
1 InkJet Eyeliner
1 Invisible Lipliner
3 Lipsticks Mega Shine
3 Lipsticks Matt
3 Lipsticks Extreme
2 Lipstick Pots
1 Lacquer Lipshine
1 Lipgloss

20 Sample Pots
20 Spatchulas
20 Shadow brushes
20 Wedges
20 Lip brushes

100 Sample Postcards
100 Product Hang Tags

789.95 CAD
Medium Dark Light